and Minors

Along with your WELL courses, you will have the opportunity to combine majors and minors in several areas, each of which provides you with in-depth, interdisciplinary training in your chosen fields. Or, you can combine subject areas and create your own Interdisciplinary major. Bay Path keeps pace with evolving trends and technologies and offers in-demand degrees for today’s competitive workplace, including Neuroscience, Cybersecurity, Medical Science, and Forensic Psychology.

Along with your major coursework, you will have four sequential credit-bearing WELL classes. WEL100, WEL220, WEL330 and WEL440, spread out across four years, will guide you through:


If you would like to reduce your tuition costs and get on a fast track to the workforce or a master's degree, you may be interested in our accelerated programs.

Qualified students can pursue year-round, three-year degree options for several of our programs, including Psychology and Education.

Our 3+1 bachelor’s to master’s options enable qualified students in our Education and Psychology programs to earn their bachelor's and master's degrees in just four years.

Our 4+1 bachelor’s to master’s enable qualified students in our Cybersecurity program to earn their bachelor's and master's degrees in just five years.