No matter what degree options you pursue, your faculty mentors will support and encourage you. That’s because Bay Path professors are expert educators and leaders who are invested in your success. They care about the ideas, hopes, and goals that drive you. They are dedicated mentors, advocates, and role models.

Our goal is to educate the next generations of leaders.

— Sylvia de Haas-Phillips, Director of the program in Nonprofit Management & Philanthropy

Bay Path professors are:

Business Leaders

Professor Janine Fondon brings more than 15 years of experience in business, online communications, strategic public relations, and multicultural marketing to her position as assistant professor and chair of communications at Bay Path University. She has held management positions in top communications companies like CBS and has received over 25 regional and national awards for her accomplishments in business and communications. As an entrepreneur, Professor Fondon has built a reputation for sharing news and information across the U.S. and world via a company she co-founded, UnityFirst.com. Your seat in Professor Fondon’s class awaits you.

Community Partners

Dr. Diane Hall, an associate professor in the psychology department, is a true community partner. She has been repeatedly recognized for her work with local adolescent treatment and advocacy programs, most recently by Springfield’s Center for Human Development. She encourages students to get involved in the wider Bay Path community and to learn through giving back. The pivotal work the Dr. Hall and her students do in the community has helped many young people see college as an option, a place to learn, but also, a place of dialogue and understanding. She empowers her students to see themselves as community partners and models this in her own tireless work. You, too, can work with Dr. Hall on community advocacy.

Role Models and Mentors

Dr. Princy Quadros-Mennella, associate professor of biology and recent recipient of Bay Path’s Thumbprint Award for outstanding service to the college community, is a true role model. She lives Bay Path: as a women-focused and deeply involved educator and mentor, she inspires her students and colleagues to thrive. Dr. Quadros-Mennella invests in each student’s individual strengths, needs, intentions, passions, and potential, and works personally with students through research supervisions, teaching, and advising. She creates a caring environment for students and encourages them to make community connections; but, most importantly, she is committed to empowering students to take ownership of their lives and learning. You, too, have an opportunity to thrive in Dr. Quadros-Mennella’s classes.

Our state-of-the-art Learning Commons provides academic and technological support in the form of: