Honors Programs

If you’d like to pursue tailored research projects, serve on the Honors Council or the Model UN, or complete an Honors Thesis, you may be interested in our Honors programs.

I feared others would be more qualified and I’d be lost. That is not the case. I always feel validated, never judged. Honors is the greatest environment to take a chance and grow exponentially.

— Leonora Torres ’20, Legal Studies

Bay Path Honors

Our Bay Path Honors program gives you access to a wide range of special opportunities, events, and resources, including:



Our four-year WiSH (Women in STEM Honors) program was created to support and encourage budding scientists and features:



Our four-year WiBH (Women in Business Honors) program offers integrated and advanced study for women dedicated to becoming successful in business and includes:

You don't have to be an Honors student to have a shared learning experience—all first-year students read a common text (called the First Year Road) that examines our University Theme, an idea that our campus community engages collectively through events, lectures, performances and even a student essay contest.