At Bay Path, we prepare every student to lead

in her professional life, her personal life and wherever her life might take her. We are exceptionally well equipped to provide you with the support, structure and resources you need to pursue your dreams.

Have the audacity to allow yourself to accomplish whatever it is you think you can do.

Queen Latifah, Women’s Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker, 2013

The Bay Path annual Women’s Leadership Conference is an event that attracts more than 1,000 women each year. As a Bay Path student, you’ll have the chance to help organize the event, work behind the scenes and interact with some of the world’s most influential women. Such as these past keynote speakers:

The Women’s Leadership Conference is just one of several opportunities to prepare for becoming a leader in the world. Others include:

Our success in Sullivan is because of the openness of our community to partnerships and the willingness of our professors to partner with career services. I ask my students, ‘If you could learn or do anything, what would it be that would be exciting to you?’

Laurie Cirillo, Executive Director of the SCLP

Some schools have career services; we have the Sullivan Career and Life Planning Center (SCLP).


of our students complete at least one internship, fieldwork or practicum experience before they graduate, which keeps the SCLP staff pretty busy.

For some of these students, like Erin Salois ’15, these internships turn into careers. Erin is now a corporate accountant for KPMG and said her internship was “more than just a ‘semester job’ with a paycheck; it was a door to many opportunities.”

One thing about Bay Path, it’s really practical. Before I always believed what we learned in school is about theories and fairy tales. Now [that] I’ve started my own business, there’s no gap between school and reality.

Yutong (LuLu) Bai ’14

Through WELL, your courses and experiences will combine in meaningful ways to help you gain a better understanding of your individual strengths and skills. As result, you will be “WELL prepared” for any career you pursue.

When you begin WELL, you will build a portfolio of your experiences, writings and reflections, as well as a resume of badges that showcase your skills and competencies. By your fourth year, you will have it customized and ready to present to future employers or graduate school admissions committees.

Postgraduate Study

My advice to future Bay Path students is to take on challenges and not be afraid of who they truly are—to not be afraid of the unknown and embrace the opportunities presented to them, as there will be many.

Yismel Rosario ’16