What you learn at Bay Path will prepare you to be successful in a constantly changing world.

We are going to provide you with mentorship from committed faculty, hands-on experience in your field of interest and concrete career preparation. You will have access to relevant technology and opportunities to further enrich your education through our Honors and WiSH programs.

Our signature Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders (WELL) program can only be found at Bay Path. It was designed by us to give you the confidence you need to succeed, and to help you find your purpose, passion and path to the future.

WELL is a holistic and integrated experience that touches almost every piece of your Bay Path journey. Here’s how:

We’ll give you the guidance necessary to apply your passion to an educational plan that will put you on a pathway to professional success.

— Provost Melissa Morriss-Olson, PhD

Along with your major coursework, you will have four sequential credit-bearing WELL classes. WEL100, WEL220, WEL330 and WEL440, spread out across four years, will guide you through:

Majors and Minors

Explore your interests—and our corresponding majors.

If you're interested in reducing your tuition costs and getting on a fast track to the workforce or a master's degree, you may be interested in our accelerated programs.

Qualified students can pursue year-round, three-year degree options for several of our programs, including Psychology and Education.

Our 3+1 bachelor's to master's options enable qualified students in our Education and Psychology programs to earn their bachelor's and master's degrees in just four years.

Our 4+1 bachelor's to master's options enable qualified students in our Cybersecurity program to earn their bachelor's and master's degrees in just five years.

Our faculty will remember your name and your favorite seat in class.

They’ll notice when you get a haircut and if you’re struggling with a particular subject. They’ll connect you to ideas, internships and opportunities. They’re passionate about what they do, experts in their fields and dedicated to being your mentors, advocates and role models.

“Female mentors that are successful are pivotal,”

says Gina Semprebon, PhD, Professor of Biology and Director of our Center for Excellence for Women in STEM. “Our students are absolutely blazing trails.” Dr. Semprebon has been internationally recognized for her groundbreaking work in the paleoecology world, and she shares her expertise with the Bay Path students who research and learn alongside her.

Our state-of-the-art Learning Commons provides academic and technological support in the form of:

I really enjoy the mentoring aspect of the program. You get exposure to multiple fields and that exposure is guided by someone who is knowledgeable in that field.

Logan Kaler ’18

Our WiSH (Women in STEM Honors) program was created to support and encourage budding scientists.

I like being challenged in my ideas and I like challenging. I like making people think. If somebody's going to have an opinion, they should have information behind it.

Alina Balicki ’16, Honors student

Bay Path Honors students have access to a wide range of special opportunities, events and resources including:

You don't have to be an Honors student to have a shared learning experience—all first-year students read a common text (called the First Year Road) that examines our University Theme, an idea that our campus community engages collectively through events, lectures, performances and even a student essay contest.