Community Life

At Bay Path, your education extends beyond the classroom.

We are committed to creating an inclusive, safe, and engaging residential environment that supports the academic, social, and personal growth of all resident students. From living accommodations to clubs to travel opportunities to athletics, Bay Path offers you multiple ways to stay connected to your peers, your mentors, and the wider campus community. Plus, we are located in beautiful Western Massachusetts, close to cities like Springfield and Hartford for internships and community projects, and only a short drive from Boston.

To help you get comfortable on campus, and to help you get where you want to go, WELL provides you with your own Team of Advisors, consisting of a Faculty Advisor, Major Advisor, Peer Advisor and Career Coach.

“Quaint,” “pretty,” “welcoming” and “close-knit” are just a few of the words our students have used to describe our campus.

And many of them have also told us that as soon as they arrived on campus and drove through our circular entryway, they knew this was the place for them. That’s why some of us have started calling it our “Magic Driveway.”

Because of our proximity to major cities like Boston, NYC, and Hartford and to the seasonally breathtaking landscape of the Berkshires, we offer a residential experience in which you can act, think, and grow in so many ways.