Women as Empowered
Learners and Leaders

As a Bay Path student, you will take four sequential credit-bearing WELL courses. Spread out across four years, these courses will guide you through career and life planning; learning and leadership strategy; and the application of research and presentation skills acquired in the classroom.

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introduces you to what it means to be an empowered learner and leader, while also enabling you to explore, and develop, your academic, professional, and personal goals.



helps you build key presentation and leadership skills that you can apply in an array of contexts and situations.



focuses on career development, lifelong learning, and how to create a compelling career portfolio that will prepare you for your life after graduation.



enables you to plan, design, and implement a project in partnership with a community organization and to master integral research and problem-solving skills.



As you work through your WELL sequence, you will build a professional ePortfolio, complete with digital badges that illustrate the skills you’ve mastered along the way. Your ePortfolio is more than just a resume—it’s an interactive collection of the courses, projects and accomplishments that reflect how you have built the skills that employers seek.

The ePortfolio allowed me to see and reflect on my development. I've always had good grades and academic ethics, but I've grown so much over the years as a person, from being shy and reserved to being willing to speak my mind, go out of my comfort zone, and present publicly...I put together my ePortfolio in a way that reflected me as a person.

— Crystal Vazquez, Business Administration Major

Ready for work,
well-prepared for life.